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Silt Curtains are temporary installations built to contain floating and partially submerged light particles from spreading to beaches and nearby marine areas thereby putting the ecosystem under pressure. Silt curtain or silt screens are designed to reduce the presence of silt, sediments and floating debris in the area where they are installed. Silt Curtains are made out of various fabrics which are used based on the existing site conditions or type of silts, debris or issues observed in the area of operation.

Beach Marine & Port Services LLC has successfully designed, supplied, installed and maintained several silt curtains at various reputed hotels , resorts, public beaches , dredging projects in UAE while supporting the clients with regular maintenance of the installed Silt Curtains. Though Beach Marine & Port Services offers warranty on its products & installation yet regular maintenance is the key to a good life which prompts us to offer a package of design, supply, installation & annual maintenance of our installations.





Supply and Installation of Silt Curtain


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