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Beach Marine and Port Services is a professional marine system integrator with a multi task attitude. Our key competence in marine is based on over two decades of experience in extremely challenging environment. With a focus on Supply, installation and maintenance of marine related projects we have been recognized as a valuable partner by key clients in the Middle East.

As an experienced Professional Marine contractor, we have executed many critical projects with a focus on :

1.Off shore & On shore Pipeline installations for De salination plants.

2. Supply , installation & Maintenance of intake screens for desalination plants.

3. Supply, installation & Maintenance of
i) Swim lines
ii) Jelly fish net
iii) Navigational buoys
iv) Oil booms
v) Marine furniture e.g. fenders , Bollards , Cleats, ladders etc.

4. Supply, installation & Maintenance of Marine lanterns.

5. Steel & Aluminum works for marinas including long term maintenance.

6. Supply ,installation & Maintenance of WPC decking, GRP Floaters, Marine Furniture etc.

7. Supply , installation & maintenance of Pedestals.

8. Beach works including supply, installation , profiling of beaches.

9. Geotubes supply, installation & maintenance.

10. Beach cleaning & maintenance.

11. Jetty repair works including specific concrete repairs , aluminum gangways etc.

12. Rock works including supply & installation of revetments, scour protection.

13. Diving services including underwater videography , surveys etc.

We also undertake annual maintenance and cleaning contracts for all marine related projects at extremely competitive prices like Intake screen, jellyfish net, oil boom, marinas, piles & Pile guides , Pedestals , swim lines etc.

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