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In United Arab Emirates most of the beach Hotels and Resorts are with private beaches. All of these hotels and resorts provide shelter to their guests and also allow their guests to swim in the beach area. In order to safeguard their guests from Jellyfishes, Stingrays and many other poisonous fishes Beach hotels and resorts prefer using Jellyfish Net to create safe boundary in the sea area for the swimmers. Beach Marine and Ports services LLC being a solution provider have a wide range of Jellyfish Net barriers with multiple options and specifications. Also BMPS do custom designs for JFN as per Client’s requirement. As of the experience BMPS recommends for the JFN according to the Sea condition.

One of our esteemed clients in DUBAI had Jellyfish Net barrier which was damaged in the time period. BMPS was invited to provide the offer for replacing the old JFN with latest design and antifouling coated JFN. Our JFN specialist team inspected the Sea area and recommended high quality imported net with anti-fouling coating and Polyurethane rotation molded floats. The Jellyfish net barrier was designed with additional strength and mooring system, considering wave impacts, high tide and low tide in the sea area. Jellyfish net barrier with tensioner buoys are designed in such a way to keep the barrier aligned during the different tide levels.

Proposal was accepted and appreciated by the Client and finally the job was awarded to Beach Marine and Ports Services LLC.

The main works involved in the project were

  • Supply and Installation of Jelly fish anti-fouling net barrier including PE molded floats and mooring slings.
  • Supply and Installation anchor blocks.
  • Supply and Installation of mooring system for Jellyfish net barrier.
  • Supply and Installation of tensioner buoys.

In order to withstand the extreme waves, more strength was given to the JFN by mooring on the top and bottom in the aligned stage.

The big challenge was to stop the Jellyfishes and other harmful fishes from entering the Swim area during replacement of old jellyfish net with new Jellyfish Net and to minimize the disturbance for swimmers which BMPS managed professionally. BMPS executed the project with utmost care to fulfill our client’s requirement.


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