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Cleaning, Repairing and Maintenance of Intake Screen for Desalination/RO Plants.

We have been working with deferent Desalination/RO plants for inspection, photography and videography, cleaning, maintenance and repairing of offshore intake systems.Underwater inspection, photography and videography are carried out to access the condition of intake system.

Marine growth on the surface and suction points leads intake system blockage and load on suction pumps which could further damage intake system if it did not rectify timely. We have been doing regular underwater cleaning and maintenance of Desalination/RO plants across the UAE. Cleaning of intake screen is carried out with manual tools and high pressure jetting system.

Due to highly corrosive conditions of seawater, intake screens/ filters and mechanical connection of intake pipe line got damaged. We have been providing our services to rectify by taking out from water and after repairing reinstallation.

Intake system also includes chlorination and airburst(backwash) system. We have been doing inspection, maintenance, repairing and modification of chlorination and airburst(backwash)

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