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Swimlines are guides for demarcating area for safe swimming within beach areas. Many factors which include beach profile ,depths and type of sand at the location determine the area for swimming keeping in mind the safety of the beach goers. These lines also help in isolating the area from marine traffic or leisure boats to avoid accidents. Swimming barriers are considered a primary requirement for hotel beaches , resorts ,private and public beaches, the swimming barriers are basically floating buoys bodies which support the connecting ropes to float and clearly isolate the danger areas of greater depths or non invasive locations while ensuring protection from marine traffic which is a common sight at such locations.

BMPS specialises in design, supply ,installation and maintenance of such swim supports, ensuring critical design while ensuring the location sensitivity and environmental considerations. We offer weather flexible designs keeping the bathymetric , topographic and location considerations in mind. Custom made designs with higher impact resistance have also been offered to key clients.




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