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Beach Marine and Ports Services LLC have vast experience in design, supply and installation of Jelly fish net barrier in the coastal region of United Arab Emirates. One of our customers has their existing jelly fish net which got dismantled from its location due to environmental impact and thick layer of marine growth got deposited in the JFN.

Beach Marine and Ports Services LLC undertook this job and successfully delivered the project to the Client’s expectations.

The main activities involved in the project was

  • Initial Inspection of the JFN by underwater diving.
  • Disconnecting the JFN from the anchor points.
  • Removal and transporting the JFN from offshore to onshore.
  • Realignment of anchor blocks for the reinstallation of the JFN.
  • Cleaning of net and PE floats using high pressure water jetting system onshore.
  • Reinstallation of JFN by giving proper connection with the anchoring system.

The big challenge was to work in active beach considering safety of beach users and swimmers.





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